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Terrazzo on Trend

The art of mosaic flooring has been around for thousands of years, and provided thousands of years of joy. With a long history spanning from Neolithic buildings in Western Asia and Turkey, to renaissance Italy, the Art Deco period and 1970s; the beautiful flecked flooring known as Terrazzo is once again on trend, and with a contemporary finish we think it’s better than ever – and a far cry from the dowdy surfaces of 70s office buildings and train stations you might remember.

Terrazzo (literally terrace in Italian) is an inexpensive, durable and sustainable surface material created by the Venetians during the 15th Century to surface patios around their living quarters. Traditionally created using small offcuts of marble, glass or stone set into concrete, it was then sanded, sealed and polished back, resulting in a beautiful smooth nougat-like floor. 

With a growing love for raw aesthetics and natural modern spaces, it’s easy to see why terrazzo is making a comeback. Not only does engineered terrazzo provide the perfect surface complement to a modern minimalist space, it is also budget-friendly and easy to clean, with fewer grout lines. The versatility of terrazzo also lends itself well to different design styles including industrial and traditional. 

From a contemporary standpoint, we are particularly excited about Atlas Concorde’s Marvel Gem Palladiana Carrara. Whilst not for the faint hearted, the chunky oversized white fragments of Italian porcelain are far larger than their classic confetti-like predecessors, making floor surfaces (or even walls) substantially bolder and more uniquely striking. The resulting appearance is also evocative of the Venetian islands and canals, an elegant reminder of terrazzo’s Italian heritage. Where else?

You can find details about the Marvel Gem Palladiana Carrara and other engineered terrazzo options in our tile browser.