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Bigger Is Better - Atlas Concorde XL

In the past, the manufacturing techniques used in the tile industry restricted the maximum size of available tiles. Modern techniques in tile manufacturing have seen the evolution of larger tile sizes than have ever previously existed, and the results are exciting. The Atlas Concorde XL format range has square tiles as large as 1200mm x 1200mm, while the rectangular tiles are available in sizes up to 1200mm x 2400mm. 

Large format wall and floor tiles are creating a splash in the tile world. The stunning tiles are becoming incredibly popular, and are a great choice for any contemporary build or renovation. Their large surfaces create a flowing feeling in a room and have the ability to create the illusion of more space in a small area, making them perfect for bathrooms and laundries. The beautiful finish on the Atlas Concorde XL Format in Statuario makes it a positively timeless addition to a minimalist room. 

Large format tiles are practical as well as stylish. The large surface area makes them easier to clean than their smaller counterparts, with fewer grout lines over the same surface area. 

Not just restricted to bathrooms and laundries, the versatility of large format tiles is restricted only by your imagination. They look contemporary in the home, and can also bring sophistication to any commercial space. Use matching tiles on the wall and floors to create seamless class in foyers and hallways.

Visit a showroom today to be wowed by the Atlas Concorde XL range and to see for yourself the impact a large format tile can make on your project.